William Touhey is a career sculptor with diverse experience in 3d design, public and commercial art production and fine art with roots in the Tucson, AZ art community spanning over a decade. He earned his BFA in sculpture from Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts and has worked professionally to fabricate and install monumental bronze sculpture, life size dioramas for natural history museums and zoos, as well as interactive light and sound installations & kinetic sculptures for museums across the US. He believes art should be accessible, challenging and beautiful. His skill set spans both digital and traditional sculptural fabrication practices including 3d printing and digital modeling, mold making and material casting in bronze, resin, and ceramic. 

His personal work combines figurative realism with surreal themes that explore various aspects of our psychological experiences. His studio practice combines traditional figure modeling with digital sculpting, 3d printing and a diverse array of material and fabrication methods.

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